The Consortium for North American Higher Education Collaboration (CONAHEC) invites member institutions and the higher education community, to nominate individuals and/or institutions for the following two awards:
  • Award of Distinction for Outstanding Contributions to North American Higher Education Collaboration
  • Manuel T. Pacheco Award
To be considered, nominations must:
  • Specify which award the nomination is for
  • Include the name and full contact information of the NOMINEE
  • Include the name and full contact information of the nominator
  • Include a brief biographical description of the NOMINEE
  • Specify reasons for which the nominee should be considered
  • Be sent by email to Sean Manley-Casimir at at your earliest convenience and no later than September 30, 2024
Submissions will be reviewed by a trinational Awards Committee designated by CONAHEC’s Board of Directors. The selection for each award will be presented at CONAHEC’s North American Higher Education Conference, to be held October 23-25 Ensenada, Mexico.

About the Awards

Award of Distinction for Outstanding Contributions to North American Higher Education Collaboration

The CONAHEC Award of Distinction is designed to acknowledge the achievements and contributions of individuals or organizations involved in international higher education in Canada, Mexico, or the United States, and whose involvement has demonstrated substantial and effective contribution to the goals of educational integration, collaboration, and leadership. This award will be presented to individuals or organizations that have made significant contributions at either institutional or national levels.


  • Nominees are not required to be affiliated with a CONAHEC member institution.

Selection Criteria:

  • This award is presented to an **individual or organization** who has made an outstanding contribution to:
    • The process of the integration of the North American academic community and educational systems of the three countries.
    • The development of education in his/her own country.
    • The development of international education and collaboration in North America.

    Past CONAHEC Awards of Distinction have been awarded to:

    • Partners of the Americas, (2020)
    • Hector Arreola Soria, Coordinator General, General Coordination of Technological and Polytechnic Universities (CGUTyP), Secretariat of Public Education, Mexico (2019)
    • Livia Castellanos, Associate Vice-President (International) & Chief International Officer of the University of Regina (2017)
    • Fernando León García, President, CETYS Universidad (2016)
    • Sergio Alcocer, Undersecretary for North American Affairs, Secretary of Foreing Affairs in Mexico (2014)
    • Francisco Marmolejo, Tertiary Education Coordinator, Education Human Development Network, The World Bank (2013)
    • Robert A. Pastor, Professor of International Relations, Founding Director of the Center for North American Studies, American University & author of numerous books on North America including “The North American Idea” (2011)
    • Jocelyne Gacel, Coordinator General for International Cooperation, Universidad de Guadalajara (2010)
    • The government agencies sponsoring the Program for North American Mobility in Higher Education which has been offered since 1995 thanks to the cooperation of Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC), the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE) of the US Department of Education and the Mexican Secretaría de Educación Pública (SEP) (2007)
    • Augie P. Gallego, Chancellor Emeritus, San Diego Community College District (2005)
    • Tom L. Wood, former President, Mount Royal College (2004)
    • François Tavenas, Rector Emeritus, Université Laval (2002)
    • Diana Natalicio, President of University of Texas, El Paso (2001)
    • Victor Arredondo, former Mexican Director General of Higher Education and current State Secretary of Education in Veracruz, Mexico (1999)
    • David Strangway, former President of the University of British Columbia (1998)
    • Sylvia Ortega, founding president of AMPEI (1997)

    Manuel T. Pacheco Award

    Named on behalf of Manuel T. Pacheco, a distinguished international educator, this award acknowledges his work and effort in promoting CONAHEC and its focus on trilateral collaboration in higher education. This award is given to an outstanding individual from Mexico, Canada, or the United States who has demonstrated exceptional achievement and contribution to the development and progress of CONAHEC, its mission, and in meeting its program objectives.


    • The award recipient must be a member of a CONAHEC member institution.

    Selection Criteria:

    • The award will be presented to an **individual** either from Mexico, Canada, or the United States who meets at least one or more of the following criteria:
    • Has made outstanding contribution to the development and strengthening of CONAHEC as an organization and has furthered the organization’s mission and goals.
    • Is or has been a member of a CONAHEC member institution.
    • Has made an outstanding contribution to the development of higher education opportunities in his/her country and, by doing so, strengthened the country’s integration to the North American academic community.

    Past “MANUEL T. PACHECO” Awards have been given to:

    • Thomas Buntru, Director of International Programs, Universidad de Monterrey (2020)
    • Joan Landeros, Director and founder of the Center for International Education. Universidad La Salle, Mexico (2019)
    • David Longanecker, Former President of WICHE (2017)
    • Mike Proctor, Former Vice President for Global Initiatives of the University of Arizona (2017)
    • Lorna Smith, Former Director of International Education, Mount Royal University (2016)
    • Jaime Gutierrez, former Vice President of External Affairs of the University of Arizona (2014)
    • Araceli Partearroyo, Director of Academic Cooperation, Office of Educational and Cultural Affairs, United States Embassy in Mexico (2011)
    • Daniel Guay, Former Executive Director of the Office of the President of the University of Quebec System (2010)
    • Dewayne Matthews, Senior Research Director, The Lumina Foundation for Education (2007)
    • Margo Schultz, Former Associate Director, CONAHEC (2005)
    • Juan Carlos Romero Hicks, former President of Universidad de Guanajuato (2004)
    • Walter Uegama, former Vice President of Continuing Education, University of British Columbia (2002)
    • Richard W. Jonsen, former Executive Director of WICHE (the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education) (2001)
    • Norman Collins, former representative of The Ford Foundation in Mexico and Central America (1999)
    • Manuel T. Pacheco, former President of University of Arizona (1998)